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Revelation Introduction (Bible Study)

September 18, 2018

The author of Revelation is plainly John the Apostle; you can tell that by the style of the writing and by John's references to himself in the book (Rev. 1:4, 9). The book of Revelation was written sometime between A.D 91 and 96, long after Nero was dead, probably during the reign of Domitian. 
Revelation has 
- 22 Chapters
- 404 Verses 
-  11,995 words
The book of Revelation has been rejected as literal today by Catholics and nearly all Amillennial and Post-Millennialists. The Catholic Church spiritualizes the whole book to be free of being associated with the "great whore" on the seven hills Rev. 17. Which anyone that reads the book with any sort of common sense would recognize immediately that the Great Whore of Babylon is the Catholic Church (just as Martin Luther recognized it) 
"we here are of the conviction that the papacy is the seat of the true and real antichrist" - Martin Luther

The book was accepted by the following Church Fathers 
-Papius AD 69-156
- Justin Martyr AD 100-163
- Melito of Sardis AD 190
- Irenaeus AD 130 
- Gregory of Nyssa AD 394
- Didymus AD 398
- Basil AD 330-379
- Hilary AD 367 
- Athanasius AD 372

There are three interpretations connected with the book of Revelation
- The Futurist ( The correct biblical view)
- The Preterist ( The incorrect unbiblical view) 
- The Historical ( The half correct view) 

- The Preterist view teaches that the events described in Revelation were fulfilled before the book was written. They believe the Antichrist was Nero and the second coming was the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70. The Preterists are basically  Amillennial.

- The historical view believes that although the book prophesies events in the future, that most of the prophecies between revelation 4 and 19 have already beeen fulfilled in European and American history through to the 19th Century. These Bible rejects will tell you the falling star of Rev. 9:1 is the Emperor Valens, Mohammed, Napoleon or some unknown Christian heretic. "Historicists" are basically "Postmillennial" in their theology. 

- The futurist view is the Premillennial school and is held by men such as Pember, Darby, Bullinger, Larkin, Scofield and Roy Kemp. Anyone with this view of Revelation will have no trouble grasping 85% of the book of Revelation.

If a man reads Revelation and trusts that "God is not the author of confusion" and just reads it as it is without "spiritualizing" anything for no good reason. They will have already jumped a big hurdle which 95% of Christians cannot do towards understanding this book. 

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